Let our Team take care of you!

Treatment does not begin with dentistry!

Our doctors and team spend the time to make sure you are in the best hands.  We want to emphasize that your treatment is not just a clinical term.  You will see that our practice differs from most offices.  We make every effort to make you feel comfortable, respect you and your time! Our philosophy and culture is to provide the most conservative and effective treatment, with your end-goal in mind!  

Checkups and Cleanings! 

As you may know, your dental visit is crucial to your every day health!  During your dental checkup and cleaning , your doctor will take the time to provide the best care for you.  We will evaluate your dental health and make sure you are at your best!   In this visit, your teeth will be cleaned, x-rays may be taken as well. This is a great time to bring up any concerns that you may have!

Advanced Technology

Our office has been at the fore front of technology.  We are able to generate a 3-d image of your jaw in just a matter of seconds!  With our incredible technology we can provide treatment that is fast and safe, leaving you with a smile!

Uneven Gums?

Uneven gums or 'longer teeth' may leave your mouth susceptible to increased breakdown.  Our doctors use the latest techniques to provide you with the best results!  Our doctors are trained in Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation technique, Laser therapy including LANAP and Fotona Twin Light, and Nighlase!  

Laser Technology allows Surgeries Without Cutting! FDA APPROVED!  

The FDA approved of only 2 laser technologies which area able to regenerate your gums.  Guess what? We have both of them.  Using lasers, we can minimize the need for a scalpel!  Imagine:  No Cutting, No Stitches!  

Missing Teeth?

We can help bring your teeth back into function with dental implants! Using our highly trained dental surgeon, we can safely and comfortably place dental implants to help you become more confident with a beautiful smile!

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