Tooth Loss

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Having tooth loss can be a traumatic experience, regardless of the cause. Our teeth play a significant part in our daily lives, from chewing the food we need to how we pronounce our words for speech and how it enhances our smile to show our strong self-confidence. With modern-day technologies and advancements in dentistry, there are plenty of treatments and options that allow you to replace your missing teeth.

  • Periodontal diseases are the most common causes of tooth decay.
  • Various factors can contribute to periodontal disease, and most often, it is the daily habits that would affect the teeth to create an infection.
  • Diseases are typically caused by bacteria and mucus and lingering residue particles that create plaque on the teeth. If plaque is not removed, it will harden and turn to what is known as tartar.
  • Professional cleaning is recommended when you get a routine check-up with your dentist, and usually, a hygienist will be able to remove the tartar.
  • The traditional treatment requires blade surgery and an extensive recovery time. Still, new technologies such as LANAP (a non-invasive laser gum treatment) can replace traditional procedures.
  • Tooth loss may also stem from trauma to the tooth, such as sports incidents, blunt force, automobile accidents, etc. frequently requiring surgery.
  • There are also congenital absences that can be a primary cause due to hereditary.
  • There are many causes for tooth loss (missing teeth), and it does not mean that you have to live life without them and shy away from your smile or change your lifestyle. It is highly recommended to take preventative steps before tooth loss happens.

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