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Chronic Bad Breath

Treatments for Chronic Bad Breath Everyone has experienced bad breath at some point. For example, eating onions, garlic, or other strong foods can result in temporary bad breath. However, halitosis—or chronic bad breath—can be embarrassing. More importantly, the condition can be indicative of a more serious underlying issue, such as [...]Read More

Gum Recession

When the gums are very thin or pull away from the teeth, it can cause gum recession—a condition that results in discomfort due to tooth sensitivity and inflammation. Left untreated, the condition can also lead to structural damage, decay, and even tooth loss. At Periodontal Associates, we can treat the [...]Read More

Gum Flap Surgery: Advanced Periodontal Treatment

When patients come to our Englewood advanced dentistry and periodontal care center, they know they are meeting with skilled professionals who care about the health of their smiles. We emphasize prevention, early detection, and state-of-the-art treatment that helps restore wellness and improve the aesthetics of a smile. We’d like to [...]Read More
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