Safety At The Dentist: Protecting You!

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak, each and every one of our lives has been impacted. We have a new way we interact with the world. Many people who have stopped seeing the dentist have suffered with larger problems, and even pain. Access to imaging, managing your mouth in a preventive manner had become non-existent.
Realizing how important it is to take care of our teeth, gums, and oral cavity, our office has made drastic changes to the way we operate. We have upgraded technology and protocols in order to provide you the safest environment.

Here, our Englewood, NJ dental team discusses some of our protocols to improve our safety and your experience. We offer periodontal and gum care services to help prevent and manage this condition.

How Bad Is It If I Miss A Cleaning, Or Wait To Fix A Dental Problem?

This is a question that is difficult to answer. Some patients need to come in for a cleaning every 2-3 months, while others may have a cleaning every 6 months. Most likely, missing a cleaning appointment may not be irreversibly damaging. However, during that time where the bacteria continue to grow without any reduction in number, changes occur in the mouth. A healthy mouth that has had no cleanings will begin to have bacteria adhere to teeth. Most of the bacteria in your mouth is healthy and maintains a healthy biome. As the bacterial population continues to grow, there is a change in the environment. Soon “bad” bacteria begin to colonize your mouth and have an environment which allows them to survive. The “bad” bacteria, then initiate breakdown of your gums and teeth. This break down can lead to irreversible damage. Gum disease affects us all!

When we talk about a dental problem, we have to look at it for what it is. It is a problem. Just like in life, problems do not usually disappear. Unfortunately, problems continue to fester until there is a tipping point and you have pain or irreversible damage.

The best thing you can do during this uncertain time, or any time is to continue seeing your dentist for regular check-ups!

What To Expect In Our Office During COVID-19?

Our office has created protocols which help protect everyone, both patients and staff! From your entry until your exit, we have planned every step.

In order to protect our patients, our staff sends out wellness forms before your appointment. We then send out wellness forms a few days after your appointment. By ensuring you are safe, we can better treat our patients and protect our loved ones!

As you enter our office, the front desk functions like air-traffic control! The team ensures that only one patient is in the waiting area; they also ensure that there is no one crossing paths at the same time. Before you come in, we ask that you call our office when you arrive. We then coordinate your entry to limit contact with others. We will text / call you once it is clear for you to come into the office. As soon as you enter the office, your temperature is taken. Once you have been cleared, we bring you to the treatment room. Soon after your treatment, “air-traffic control” takes over and we escort you to the front desk and ensure your safe journey home! Of course, we perform the same checks on ourselves; from temperature checks to protective equipment, we follow the strictest of protocols.

What Can You Do At The Dental Office To Protect Yourself and Loved Ones?

The best thing you can do is to wear a mask. Wash your hands regularly, and avoid touching your face! When coming into the dental office, wear your mask until informed to remove it in the treatment room. From here we do the heavy lifting and allow you to breath in our medical-grade purified air! After your treatment is complete, it is important to follow the instructions of the team. When exiting the treatment room, it is important to wear your mask. A few days after your appointment, you will receive a wellness form. It is crucial to fill this out as we can ensure your safety.

Periodontal Care At Our Practice

As gum specialists, we offer a wide range of periodontal treatments at our practice. From routine cleanings to gum surgery to gingival grafts, we help our patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

Even if it has been a while since your last cleaning, it is never too late to get back into the game!

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