Root Canal

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Save your tooth by root canal with a step-by-step endodontic procedure. It is expected with teeth to be sensitive to chilled drinks, hot soups, or acidic food, or even food containing sugary substances that can be trapped in the crevices of your teeth. Maintaining your teeth that can last you a lifetime is a very time-consuming, habitual task. Your teeth can decay and result in bone loss due to periodontal disease. These conditions may cause an infection to the pulp tissues within the centre of the tooth.

The root canal is the best procedure to rescue the tooth. A root canal is most effective in terms of retaining a diseased tooth. This is called the endodontic treatment to help remove the infected pulp or tissues within the tooth. The treatment is essential if the pulp inside is infected due to pain and creates a viral abscess if left untreated. You will be required to get a preliminary examination to determine if the tooth is worth saving. The steps are as followed:

  • Preliminary examination – to determine the severity
  • Examination – X-rays will be done
  • Local Anesthesia – Administered to numb the tooth and surrounding gums
  • Dental Dam – A protective sheet to place on the surrounding area to isolate the tooth and protect it from moist during the process
  • Drilling an Abscess Hole – A tiny opening drilled on the surface of the infected tooth to allow drainage
  • Removal of Dead Pulp – Removal of the affected area
  • Filling – A thorough clean of the tooth will be replaced with a biocompatible substance. A seal will be placed to ensure that the area does not get affected again
  • Crown Restoration – The lost tooth structure is replaced with a crown
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