Recurring Swollen Gums

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Periodontal infection (gum disease) can cause significant discomfort, but aside from the pain, they are more significant signs of severe complications in the future. If you are experiencing inflammation gums over a short amount of time, periodically, you may show signs of an acute periodontal abscess. Keep in mind that it is critical to schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately.

An abscess is an infected pus-filled that can create tremendous pain if not treated. Your dentist will be able to drain the abscess to eliminate the infection. It is a quick and often painless procedure where the dentist will administer a small dosage of local anesthesia to numb the site before piercing the infection to drain. Depending on the infection drainage, you may be prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication to promote healing and ensure disinfection.

You should make an appointment for a thorough oral evaluation to ensure your teeth’ health is in good standing. There are times where you may ask yourself questions such as what happens if an abscess is left untreated, how much will treatment be, or if you should try to drain the spot yourself. It is crucial to see your dentist or a specialist (periodontist) as soon as possible; please do not delay. Here are Periodontal Associates; we value your health and your smile. Please call our office and let us know what we can do to help you.

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