Oil Pulling

Stock image for Oil Pulling

Many traditional oral remedies are used for oral health. One of the most known processes is oil pulling. Oil pulling is where the oil is rinsed and swished around your mouth, and it is useful for strengthening your teeth. There are many types of oil that people uses to do this, such as:

  • Unrefined oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Sesame oil

The process of Oil Pulling:

  • Use about a tablespoon of oil and swish it in your mouth for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Make sure the oil evenly coats your teeth and gums.
  • Spit the oil remnants into a trashcan. Avoid the sink, or it may clog your pipes.
  • The oil will pull the harmful bacteria from your teeth and gums.
  • The oil will remove harmful bacteria, fungus, and toxins.

This traditional remedy had many claims that it has oral health benefits such as stronger teeth, cavity prevention, whiter teeth, healthier teeth, gingivitis prevention, plaque reduction, halitosis prevention, and more. There are also non-oral benefits that are believed to help, such as headache relief and reducing arthritis, bronchitis, sinus congestion, and insomnia.
The question is, does it work? Since there has not been an extensive reach on this topic, oil pulling is not confirmed to be legitimized. It is not harmful to your overall health. Therefore, you can continue the process if needed. However, it is highly suggested that you see your dentist regularly to maintain healthy oral health.

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