LANAP Treatment

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No matter your age, orthodontic treatment can improve the health, function, and aesthetics of your smile.
Though braces offer many benefits, there are a few drawbacks during the treatment
process. For example, patients who wear braces are more susceptible to gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Here, our Englewood, NJ dental team discusses braces and the increased risk of gum disease. We offer periodontal care services to help prevent and manage this condition while you straighten your teeth.

  • Laser Assist New Attachment Procedure
    When it comes to gum disease, we get a lot of questions from our patients about LANAP technology compared to traditional treatments. LANAP stands for Laser Assist New Attachment Procedure, which refers to how the therapy assists the attachment of healthy gum tissues to bond the bone in your jaw and mouth. Is this treatment effective? How does it work? These are all excellent common questions. With the laser treatment, it is essential for the procedure relating to periodontal because the progression of gum disease concludes that the gum has become infected, which damaged the healthy attachment, resulting in tooth loss. Using traditional treatment may prolong over a long time since it relies on just the natural gum healing process. The LANAP is used to stimulate healthy gum tissues to improve the overall healing process. With years of experience, Dr. Chetan Patil at Periodontal Associates is LANAP certified. Helping and taking care of beautiful smiles is what he does best. You can be sure that all your questions will be clarified, and concerns will meet your expectation with the best care possible by using the most current laser technologies available.
  • Gum Surgeries Using LANAP Treatment
    Traditionally in the course of osseous surgery, for advanced periodontal disease cases, the dentists will use scalpels to create an incision to remove the diseased gum tissues and to reach any infected pockets located in your gums or bones. To close the gaps in-between and reshape the gums, the dentist will use sutures to start the healing process. This method had been proven effective through the early years of dentistry, but it does have a long recovery turnaround time, a more invasive technique, and can cause more pain and discomfort. LANAP uses a technologically advanced procedure to eliminate the diseased gum tissues with a specific high light frequency. Using a laser destroys any bacteria or bacteria build-up, which assists in speeding the healing process and promotes new tissue growth. Laser treatments will cause less trauma to the gums, and the healing will be much faster.
  • LANAP Effectiveness and Performance
    Through various studies on LANAP procedures, positive results show less tooth loss after laser surgery than traditional surgery. It shows increased gum regeneration to which the growth of new tissue attachments between the gum and bone for periodontal disease patients. There is a high long-term success rate of LANAP for gum disease. Patients who have chosen the LANAP treatment show less recurrence over time than patients who chose the traditional procedure. The laser eliminates bacterias that cause gum disease and promotes improvement to tissue regrowth to prevent future infection. The healing time is much faster and less painful.
  • LANAP: Regeneration of Gums and Bones?
    Regeneration of the gums and bones is still not 100% scientifically determined. Still, it is the best possibility to speed a patient’s healing process quicker and less painful than traditional procedures. Since there’s no incision or suture needed, the tissue can heal; naturally, the laser itself sterilize the area, and with the light frequency, it promotes quick new growth.
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