Gum Grafts

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What you need to know before planning on getting a gum graft procedure done. There are many considerations to consider to put your mind at ease. The gums act as a safeguard to protect the roots of the teeth. Most patients the gums sequentially wear away, causing exposure to the source of the tooth. The dental terminology will be the gingival recession or also known as receding gums. From time to time, the gingival graft is the only way to correct and protect the gum from exposing.

The gingival graft procedure is offered to patients with receding gums. Through this process, the tissue is removed from the patient’s palate and then surgically placed onto the site of the missing gums (recession). In some patients, the recession is provoked by improper bruising, whether it was too hard or only not enough.

It is crucial to choose the gingival graft procedure when needed because it can strengthen the gum and stabilize the surrounding gums that cover the tooth. The process also protects the tooth against the gum recession. When you have gum recession, your teeth are prone to sensitivity, and by getting this procedure, it will cover the root with new gum tissues. Patients with receding gums have teeth that look longer than usual; however, after a gum graft, it will appear natural and boost your confidence to smile.

There are a high success rate and satisfaction with gum grafts. When patients are informed and instructed to brush correctly and diligently, the success rate increases exponentially.

The process is within three steps:

  • Step One:
    Local anesthesia will be administered at the graft site. The tissues will be removed from the palate and plant on the graft site.
  • Step Two:
    The grafting will be harvest to prepare for the next level.
  • Step Three:
    The tissues that were harvest will be transplanted onto the area where the gum is receding.
    Generally, this procedure will take 1.5 hours. You will need to schedule two appointments where the first appointment is to perform the grafting procedure and the second to remove the sutures with a follow up to monitor the healing process.
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