Good Candidates For Crown Lengthening

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Crown lengthening is a procedure in which some of the gumline is carefully removed in order to expose more of the tooth’s structure. This can be done for cosmetic or health reasons. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic to prevent pain and discomfort during the surgical procedure. Careful incisions will be made to remove just enough gum tissue but not harm the other structures of the mouth.

The team at our Englewood practice takes crown lengthening and advanced periodontics seriously. Because of this, we want to take a moment to consider candidacy for the procedure. This will help patients understand why crown lengthening is done and how it can be beneficial to their dental health.

General Candidacy For Crown Lengthening

Good candidates for crown lengthening treatment are people who have aesthetic issues with their gums or health problems that necessitate exposing more of the tooth structure that resides below the gumline. They should be in good overall health and not suffer from any conditions that would make an oral surgery a potential risk to overall wellness. Patients will be given information about the nature of the procedure during the consultation process so they know just what they can expect.

Crown Lengthening For Gummy Smiles

Crown lengthening is an excellent option to consider for people who have gums that are very prominent. In these cases, the gums may dominate the smile and lead to issues with aesthetics and self-confidence. Cosmetic crown lengthening will involve the removal of the excess gum tissue to emphasize the crown of the tooth in the smile. In the process, the gums appear less prominent and patients become more confident in the look of their smile.

Crown Lengthening For Restorative Needs

Crown lengthening is another an important part of restorative dentistry procedures. If there is a fracture or tooth decay below the gumline, crown lengthening is performed in order to address the problem directly. Only through crown lengthening can the tooth be fixed and further health issues avoided.

If a tooth is serious decayed or damaged and requires a dental crown, it may be necessary to perform crown lengthening. This will allow more of the tooth’s crown and root to be exposed so that a crown can fit better. A snug capping of a tooth can prevent serious issues with dental wellness and improve the stability of the crown as well.

Knowing The Risks And Benefits

Since oral surgery is part of the crown lengthening process, it’s important that patients understand the risks and benefits that are involved in the procedure. Knowing these, patients can make much more confident choices about their dental health needs.

Realistic Expectations About The Procedure

Crown lengthening requires proper healing time and the right kind of post-operative care to be successful. It’s important that patients understand the nature of the procedure they will undergo as well as the recovery process. Realistic expectations about healing and the results tend to contribute to much greater patient satisfaction overall.

Learn More About Crown Lengthening

For more information about crown lengthening and your many other options for advanced dental care treatment, be sure to contact our experienced dental care team today. Our team will help you have the healthy and beautiful smile for many years to come.

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