Laser Dentistry

Receive Periodontal Care with Less Pain & a Faster Recovery

Dr. Chetan S. Patil is a trained and highly skilled expert in using advanced laser dentistry techniques at Periodontal Associates. Laser dentistry allows patients to experience more relaxed, comfortable, and less painful periodontal treatments. We utilize advanced laser technology in a variety of different cosmetic applications, such as wrinkle reduction, and periodontal procedures because they are more precise, reduce bleeding and other risks, and reduce the patient’s recovery time.

Lasers have been used in various forms of dentistry since the 1990s. Laser dentistry utilizes lasers that emit light to deliver energy. For periodontal purposes, lasers are used to cut or vaporize gum tissues as well as periodontal bacteria during different kinds of procedures. Lasers may also be used to cure, or harden, fillings, which strengthens the bond between the filling and the tooth.

How We Use Laser Dentistry

We use the state-of-the-art Fotona LightWalker® ATS laser in a variety of the restorative and cosmetic periodontal treatments that we offer. The LightWalker® ATS is one of the highest performing and most advanced lasers in the industry and uses a patented pulse technology to deliver precise results. This laser is used in many of our restorative treatments for gum disease, including gum grafts, bacteria removal from deep pockets, and more. We also use this laser for dental implant placement, extractions, and for cosmetic procedures such as crown lengthening and gum reshaping.

Wrinkle Reduction

With the assistance of laser therapy, Dr. Patil can even reduce wrinkles without the need for injectable treatments. The major benefit of wrinkle reduction with our Fotona laser is that it energizes collagen and fibroblasts to produce more collagen. This is an important step in the reduction of wrinkles. Wrinkle reduction can enhance many of our other procedures for a healthy looking, attractive smile.

Lasers are safe, effective, and typically pain free, which means that anesthesia is not always required. This is ideal for patients who may have previously had an adverse reaction to some form of anesthesia. Lasers minimize discomfort because there is no cutting or stitching, which, in turn, means there is little to no bleeding. Lasers reduce many of the risks associated with traditional surgical treatments and methods, which reduces side effects and the overall recovery time following a procedure. Dental lasers can also reduce or eliminate bacteria in the gums, which is ideal for periodontal treatments.

There are no drills involved—in fact, the instrument itself never comes in contact with your teeth or gums. Lasers are an ideal treatment method for patients with anxieties or fears related to traditional dental drills. You won’t feel the vibrations, pain, or discomfort that you would normally feel with a dental drill. In most cases, you won’t feel anything at all. Periodontal procedures are scary for some patients, but with the use of lasers, these procedures are virtually painless, so there’s no reason to put them off. For patients who are still anxious or fearful, we do provide various sedation methods to keep you calm and relaxed, including nitrous oxide and oral sedation.

If you experience symptoms of gum disease, visiting a periodontist is the best way to get the care you need.

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