Gum Lift

A Gum Lift Can Rejuvenate Your Smile

Dr. Chetan S. Patil performs laser gum sculpting and pinhole gum lift rejuvenation treatments at Periodontal Associates, to improve the aesthetics of a patient’s smile. Laser gum sculpting elevates and reshapes the gum tissue to create the look of larger or more symmetrical teeth. Conversely, if gum recession has made the teeth appear too long, Dr. Patil can use the minimally invasive Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique® to gently reposition the gums downward. Gum lifts are a relatively simple cosmetic procedure that can dramatically improve a patient’s smile and overall appearance.

Candidates for Gum Lifts

Laser Gum Sculpting

Patients who have an uneven gum line or too low of a gum line may benefit from a gum lift to expose more of the tooth’s crown. This procedure is often used to correct a “gummy” smile, which is when too much gum line shows below the lips when you smile. A “gummy” smile can make your teeth appear small and disproportionate, and it can detract from your smile. Any necessary periodontics treatments should be treated prior to laser gum sculpting.

Pinhole Surgery for
Recessed Gums

Gum recession can occur for a number of reasons. Some patients are genetically predisposed to recession because their gum tissue is thin. Recession can be caused or worsened by excessive brushing and flossing, poor oral hygiene, malpositioned teeth, certain oral appliances, and misusing the teeth as tools (such as holding objects between them). Loss of the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth can expose the root surfaces of one or more teeth. In addition to compromising your smile’s aesthetics, gum recession can impact your oral health. If your gum recession is disease related, Dr. Patil will first treat the underlying problem with periodontal care.

Gum Lift
Rejuvenation Procedure

Gum Lifts are performed with THREE things in mind. The FIRST is your comfort. The SECOND is speed, we do this as fast as possible. The THIRD is to reduce the amount of time needed for you to heal. We use several techniques and instruments to help us accomplish our goals. One of these techniques is to provide ample time for the procedure so we can answer all of your questions and even take a break if you need one!

For a cosmetic gum sculpting, Dr. Patil will contour your gums to make sure we can create an even and scalloped gum line. Discomfort after the procedure should be minimal, but you may experience soreness or swelling for up to a week.

To cosmetically treat recessed gums, Dr. Patil prefers the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique®, because it is much less invasive than traditional gum grafting methods for this procedure. He can perform traditional grafting on a case-by-case basis. Your mouth will be numbed prior to the procedure to prevent any discomfort, and you may receive nitrous oxide sedation to help you relax. Dr. Patil will then make a pinhole in your gum tissue and insert a special tool to gently reposition your gums back into a healthy, normal position. There is no cutting or suturing involved, and tiny collagen strips are placed into the pinhole to help with the healing process.

Once Dr. Patil has finished your procedure, you will be given an ice pack, instructions, and Dr. Patil’s cell phone number so that you may call him directly if you experience any complications. He will call you that same evening to check on you to ensure everything is okay. For a few days following your procedure, you should consume soft foods and avoid foods that are spicy or that have seeds. You may take an over-the-counter pain reliever if you experience any discomfort. You will have a follow-up appointments with Dr. Patil as appropriate to ensure your gums have healed properly.

There are very few risks involved with a gum lift that is performed using laser dentistry and the pinhole technique. Some patients may experience bleeding or swelling of the gums, which shouldn’t last more than a couple days. Patients who choose to have a gum lift leave our office with a dramatically improved smile. Your gum line will be smoother and more symmetrical, and your smile will look more proportionate, giving you a more youthful appearance.

If you experience symptoms of gum disease, visiting a periodontist is the best way to get the care you need.

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