DentalVibe Injection: Patient Comfort System For Pain-Free Dentistry

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The team here at Periodontal Associates, LLC believes in the many benefits of painless dentistry. Patients who visit our Englewood, NJ practice are calm, trusting, and relaxed because they know we do our best to make each visit comfortable and as free from pain as possible.

DentalVibe is a patient comfort system that makes injecting local anesthetic into hard tissues and soft tissues much less painful. An estimated 95 percent of patients who’ve experience DentalVibe treatments say that the technology and changed the way they view visits to the dentist. Let’s consider how this system helps patients and dentists alike.

How Do Dentalvibe Injections Work?

The DentalVibe itself is a handheld dental tool that vibrates around the site of the injection. Dentists will apply the DentalVibe directly to the area where the injection will be placed. This vibration overloads the nerves in the injection site, which means they will send less severe pain impulses to the brain during the injection.

In essence, the vibration serves as a distraction from the injection. This allows the dentist to make the local anesthetic injections as needed without any worry from the patient.

Is DentalVibe Painful?


The vibrations from the dental vibe will not cause any pain. The injection itself is also not as painful as it would be without injections.

How Effective Is DentalVibe?

According to studies, 94 percent of patients who undergo DentalVibe treatment report less pain from local anesthetic injections. This is a significant number and a sign that the underlying principles of DentalVibe are sound.

Dentalvibe Benefits For Patients

Thanks to DentalVibe, patients will have less to fear or worry about when they visit the dentist. Pain will no longer be a major issue during dental work that requires local anesthetic injections. For patients who require extensive dental work but have an aversion to needles, DentalVibe will prove invaluable.

DentalVibe can be especially important for people who suffer from panic attacks or extreme fear when it comes to dental visits. Thanks to the calm provided by DentalVibe, patients who have dental phobia will have little to fear from a trip to our practice.

Dentalvibe Benefits For Dentists

The team at our practice is always committed to providing patient care that is as comfortable as possible. Thanks to DentalVibe, we can ensure patients get the treatment they need with limited pain. This fosters trust between patients and our practice, and helps ensure that patients return regularly for checkups and preventative care.

The Wand® And Dentalvibe

When making local anesthetic injections, our team often uses The Wand® rather than traditional syringes. The Wand® delivers a precise amount of anesthetic to the treatment area. This ensures that the anesthetic wears off in a timely fashion, but not before we’re done with the necessary dental work.

By using The Wand® with DentalVibe, patients get the right amount of pain management with as little pain as possible.

A Commitment To Comfortable Dental Care

DentalVibe and The Wand® are just two of the many tools we use at our practice to ensure patients are free from anxiety. We also offer various options for dental sedation, which put patients in a relaxed state.

Learn More About Advanced Dental Care

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