Dental Mouthwash

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Have you ever wondered if you should use mouthwash before or after brushing your teeth? The foundations of having a good oral hygiene routine are brushing and flossing. Mouth wash is commonly known to freshen up your breath, but did you know that it can also help reach areas that your toothbrush can’t? The mouthwash can help reduce the risk of gum disease and developing cavities. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, untreated gum disease will create oral complications such as gum recession and tooth loss. However, if you incorporate mouthwash, it can help prevent gum disease.

  • Mouthwash benefits the good oral hygiene routine by controlling the plaque. When plaque is not removed, then it will harden to tartar. Mouthwash can slow down the formation of plaques.
  • There is no right or wrong timing to use your mouthwash. There are reputable sources that recommend using mouthwash after you brush and floss, but others advise avoiding using it right after since it may wash away the fluoride. The answer will be based on your personal preference.
  • Along with your health oral health routine of brushing and flossing twice a day, daily, you should also consider the following to improve your beautiful smile even more.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet that is good for your teeth
  • Limit you high concentrated sugar in your food and beverages
  • Avoid frequent snacking
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water
  • Schedule your regular dental checkups with your dentist
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