Dental Implants

Stock image for Dental Implants

Dental implants are the leading #1 preferred method of tooth replacement. According to the American Dental Association, there are 5 million implants in the United States every year. The number is increasingly growing every year. Implants are needed for those with a severely damaged or diseased tooth that needs to be removed or replaced as an emergency procedure.

The three parts of dental implants generally consist of:

  • The base is made of titanium steel that is mold to shape like a tooth root with screw-like threads.
  • The durability and stability, a lifelike crown that looks and functions exactly like a natural tooth.
  • An abutment that joins the implant and crown together.

The implant relies on a solid base to connect the jawbone to withstand daily movements such as chewing, biting, and speech. If the bone’s quality is insufficient to provide and hold the stability anchorage for the implant, the dental implant overall will fail. The lack of quantity of the bones is often the issue since it can not provide secure anchorage. It is an estimation study that after a tooth has been extracted, nearly 40% of the bones in the area are lost within the first three years, so this may create structural problems for dental implant placements.

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