Dental Implants For Multiple Tooth Replacement

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>For people who are missing two or more of their natural teeth, dental implants represent the most stable and secure method of replacing those teeth currently available. Dental implants are tiny posts composed of titanium that are surgically embedded into the jaw, where they serve as artificial tooth roots. Because the human body does not identify titanium as a foreign substance, dental implants integrate with the bone, essentially becoming part of the patient’s natural anatomy. As a result, they provide unrivalled support for dental bridges or even full sets of dentures in the replacement of multiple teeth.

Dr. Chetan S. Patil offers dental implants for multiple tooth replacement at his Englewood, NJ practice, Periodontal Associates. As a highly trained and experienced, board-certified periodontist, Dr. Patil plans each dental implant surgery meticulously, using 3D scanning technology to ensure that implants are placed in their optimal positions with the greatest precision. He uses only the most advanced technology and techniques to achieve the best results possible for his valued patients.

If you are missing some, most, or all of your natural teeth, we urge you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Chetan S. Patil at Periodontal Associates today.

The Benefits Of Implant-Supported Bridges And Dentures

  • Dental implants halt the degradation of jawbone and gum tissues that begins when teeth are lost. The human body interprets the loss of a tooth as a signal that the tissues that once supported the tooth no longer need nutrients and other resources provided by the body; as a result, they fall into disuse and begin to degrade. However, because the body cannot distinguish between a dental implant and a natural tooth root, implant-supported restorations stop this degradation process. This does not occur with traditional bridges and dentures.
  • Unlike traditional fixed bridges, implant-supported bridges do not rely on natural teeth for support, nor do they require the alteration of natural teeth to accommodate dental crowns.
  • Unlike conventional dentures, implant-supported dentures do not slip or shift out of place. With implant-supported dentures, patients are able to bite, chew, speak, and smile with renewed ease and confidence.
  • While the bridges and dentures attached to dental implants may have to be replaced or repaired periodically, the implants themselves should last for decades, and may even last for a lifetime.

Many patients are good candidates for same-day dental implants. Using this technique, Dr. Patil is able to strategically attach full-arch dentures to just four to six dental implants, as opposed to the ten or more implants that would be necessary using a traditional approach. Patients emerge from the procedure with their oral health fully and immediately restored.

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