Dental Care: Pregnancy

Stock image for Dental Care: Pregnancy

For females, during pregnancy, your schedule is filled with appointments from your obstetrician to various other doctor appointments to ensure that you are getting all the check-ups you need. Yet, not many thought about the importance of setting up appointments with your dentist. Dental appointments should be listed as an essential part of prenatal care. There is always a misconception of going to the dentist is not safe for the baby. Here are some reasons why it is vital for you and your unborn child’s health when pregnant.

  • Hormones may change the way your gum reacts to dental plaque
  • Your gums may be more irritated and be more frequent to inflammations
  • Pregnant women are at a high risk of developing periodontal disease
  • Higher chances to have the protective enamel destroyed due to morning sickness
  • Dry mouth, increased risk of tooth decays and infections
  • Higher risk of premature labor and low birth rate
  • More susceptible to periodontal disease and gingivitis
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