Benefits of Deep Teeth Cleaning

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As mentioned before, dental prophylaxis is highly recommended to be scheduled twice a year but depending on the health conditions, some may need to schedule one per year and some may need to schedule every three to four months. What are the benefits of cleaning you may ask? There are many benefits which include the removal of plaque and tartar, more fresh breath with whiter, shinier teeth, stain removal, and preventative and restorative dental oral health. You should expect during your cleaning appointments that it may include scaling to remove the plaque and tartar as well as polishing your teeth to remove stains.
Benefits of Deep Teeth Cleaning

Benefits of Deep Teeth Cleaning

  • A comprehensive dental exam will be given to you that include disease screening.
  • During the disease screening, your face, gums, lips, tongue, neck, and throat will be evaluated for any symptoms of abnormal conditions. (Cancer screening included).
  • The periodontal evaluation will look for signs of gum bleeding, soreness, tenderness, and inflammation of the gums.
  • An examination (x-rays) will check the tooth enamels for signs of decay as well as follow up evaluation of conditions to prior restorative treatment such as fillings and crowns.

Your dentist will provide you with oral care instructions following your examination and cleaning to help further your personal oral hygiene at home. You may be asked to floss more often or pay attention to areas that are harder to reach that may cause plaque build-ups. The benefits of dental cleaning come with preventative measures to avoid gum diseases or permanent loss.

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