Bad Breath

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There are many things that your breath can say about your overall health.

  • When you snore, your mouth is left open, which builds bacteria that cause “morning breath.” It is always a great idea to wholly brush your teeth and floss in-between your teeth to ensure that bacteria will not create further dental problems.
  • Suppose you notice that your breath has a strong metallic smell. In that case, you might consider scheduling an appointment with your dentist because you may have bacterial growing underneath your gum line that can start inflammation and infection, forming gum disease.
  • When you feel a sour smell and tiny particles of food in your mouth, this is caused by acid reflux, where your stomach acid is flowing the wrong way. The acid can severely damage your throat and mouth.
  • Those who have diabetes will have more fruitful smelling breath that can sign that their body is using the body fat instead of the glucose. This is dangerous because it means that the body is running extremely low on the hormone insulin.
  • The type of bacteria that is linked to stomach cancer and ulcers is known as the H. Pylori. It produces stinky breath that is combined with heartburn, nausea, stomach pain, and indigestion.
  • Medication is another factor for bad breath because they dry out your mouth.
  • A cut or a lesion in your mouth can form a bacterial infection with an unpleasant odor, usually after gum surgery or molar removal.
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