Advanced Dental Technology

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Provides Safer and Accurate Treatment

At Periodontal Associates, we believe in evolving with the ever-changing world of periodontics. That is why we utilize the latest dental technology to improve every aspect of the patient experience from scheduling to treatment. By investing in advanced dental technology and tools, we are able to digitally schedule appointments for your convenience, provide more accurate diagnoses, plan precise treatments, and increase patient comfort. In addition to revolutionary technology, every member of our team routinely attends courses in continuing education, so we can stay on the cutting edge of our field. By doing so, we can offer the utmost in patient care.

Advanced Diagnostic Technology for Accuracy and Comfort
At our practice, patient comfort and precision are our top priorities. We utilize several innovations that not only make your experience more relaxing, but also offer more accurate diagnoses for streamlined treatment.

Dental Lasers
In decades past, periodontal surgery developed a less-than-desirable reputation, due to aggressive techniques and lengthy recovery times. Since the advent of dental lasers, gum surgery can be performed comfortably using minimally invasive methods. Our state-of-the-arts lasers can reshape the gum line and eradicate bacteria that leads to periodontal disease. Our office has the only laser technologies that have been FDA approved to provide REAL REGENERATION.

3-D Cone Beam Scanner
In the past, 3D Imaging would take hours to process and weeks to review. THESE ARE THINGS OF THE PAST! Our office has the technology to get a 3D construction of your jaw within minutes!

Our advanced technology allows us to perform more accurate procedures, shortening our patients’ recovery time, and making them more comfortable during treatment.

Traditional dental radiographs are two-dimensional. While they provide sufficient diagnostic information in many cases, there are simply some things that cannot be captured using conventional x-rays. Our 3-D cone beam scanner obtains a series of images which can then be stitched together for an accurate three-dimensional view. This allows our doctors to visualize all oral and maxillofacial structures with excellent accuracy. This technology can even measure the exact width and height of the jawbone and can assist in treatment planning for dental implants.

We utilize several innovations that not only make your experience more relaxing, but also offer more accurate diagnoses for streamlined treatment.

Digital X-Rays
At our practice, patient comfort and precision are our top priorities. We utilize several innovations that not only make your experience more relaxing, but also offer more accurate diagnoses for streamlined treatment. Less time in the chair, less energy, and faster analysis. That is what digital radiography has added to our office and your experience.

Nomad X-Ray Device
Not only is our x-ray imaging system 100 percent digital, it is also handheld. The Nomad x-ray device allows the clinician to take radiographs in any room in our office. This portable design uses minimal energy, and like our cone beam scanner, it emits much less radiation. This means optimal safety for our patients.

Intraoral Camera
Have you ever had a problematic area in your mouth that you were unable to see? Our intraoral camera allows our doctors to visualize and assess hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity. This small, handheld wand can also take high-quality photographs to share with patients and other team members.

Piezoelectric Devices
Gone are the days of uncomfortable tooth extractions. With our piezoelectric device, we can carefully separate the tooth root from the bone before removing it. Because this device cuts bone but not soft tissue, it is incredibly useful in other procedures as well, such as sinus lifts.

“Pain-free” Injections Are Our Goal!

Here is how we are changing the landscape in injection techniques and technology!

For many patients, the thought of administering anesthesia is the most nerve-wracking part of their visit. We utilize the following devices to help alleviate the discomfort and anxiety associated with injections:

  • VibraJect®:
    If you hit your thumb with a hammer, the innate reaction is to rapidly shake your hand. But why? The shaking motion distracts your nerve centers from fully feeling the pain in your thumb. VibraJect operates using the same notion and rapidly shakes or vibrates your cheek so that you hardly notice the injection.
  • DentalVibe®:
    Like VibraJect, DentalVibe rapidly shakes the oral soft tissues so the injection is barely noticeable. The vibration also disperses the medication through the tissues so it works even faster.
  • Cetacaine:
    Before the injection is even administered, we will apply cetacaine, a topical anesthetic that numbs the soft tissues.
  • GINGICaine®:
    GINGICaine® Oral Anesthetic Gel in Syringe gives dental professionals perfect control for local anesthetics without having to numb the patient’s whole mouth.

Advanced Technology for Office Operations
In today’s world, a dental or medical office needs reliable, efficient equipment. That is why we utilize Apple computers and solar-powered wireless keyboards and mice. Our computer system is streamlined, simple, and effective for our everyday operations.

Advanced Technology for Practice Management
Innovations in technology have made it possible to obtain information at the click of a button. Going to the dentist should be no different. At Periodontal Associates, LLC, we utilize sophisticated methods of communication, including email, text reminders, and instant messaging capabilities. Our patients also have the ability to schedule their appointments online, which offers true convenience in today’s busy world. For a personal touch, we also offer personalized ambience and music selection through Alexa, which we have placed in each treatment room.

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