Meet Our Team

Meet Our Dental Care Professionals

We are proud to introduce you to our family! At Periodontal Associates, our team recognizes that patients that are satisfied with their care are more motivated to achieve great oral health. Delighted patients become active patients with an inclination to stay routine with positive oral health habits. Our team like family are committed to our patient’s oral health goals.

Deborah V.
Registered Dental Assistant
Deborah—or Debbie as she likes to be called, has more than 15 years experience in her field. She works alongside Dr. Patil in dental consulting and treating. With a uniquely wonderful sense of humor, Debbie makes the patients feel very relaxed, comfortable, and at home.. Her beautiful smile and bubbly personality make every patient smile and most often laugh.
Catherine B.
Treatment Coordinator
Catherine brings an upbeat and positive energy to all of what she does! She works hard to make sure you are getting the attention you need. From scheduling your first appointment to helping you with insurance issues, she works tirelessly to help.
Dental Hygienist
Coming in with a smile on her face, Lorraine is the ultimate professional. She prides herself on keeping up with the latest studies and techniques in our field.

Her gentle and skillful hands give an incredible cleaning. It's no wonder she has been part of the team for over 30 yrs. Professional, Skillful and Calming are some of her greatest characteristics.
Ruth E.
Dental Hygienist
As a wonderful addition to Periodontal Associates, Ruth brings more than 35 years experience to the practice and has a wonderful and caring disposition. The patients look forward to coming in for their dental hygiene cleaning because of Ruth. She puts a smile on their faces the minute they walk in and when they leave, which she finds is most rewarding.